House of Miramonti, Italian aristocratic house founded at the turn of the 20th Century. Ennobled by Italy's last monarch King Victor Emmanuel III.

Francisco Barrios del Esparza, 1st Conte di Miramonti (August 4, 1866 - April 28, 1940) was an Italian general of the Royal Italian Army during World War I.

Francisco was born in Venice to a cadet branch of the de Borbon y Barrios family of Spanish and French descent. He was related by marriage two times over to the Conde de Castille de Vigo.

Miramonti was sent to the Turin Military Academy when he was only eleven years old, but frequently ran afoul of the authorities in the academy, as he was too headstrong to deal with the rigid military discipline.

He entered the Italian Royal Army (Regio Esercito) in 1884 as a Second Lieutenant and had worked his way up to Major by the start of the Italo-Turkish War of 1911. It was there during the Italian occupation of Sidi Barrami that Miramonti lost his left leg during the trench warfare. During the last days of the war he was ennobled by King Victor Emmanuel III and given the title of 1st Conte di Miramonti.

Due to the loss of his leg he moved to England and helped the british army with facilitating ammunitions and reporting on Benito Mussollini’s

government. Miramonti died in London in 1940, where he was buried next to his wife Maria Angela di Caprese. When his last male descendent passed away his estate under passed on to his great- niece was named heiress presumtive under King Vittorio Emanuele III Statute Governing Succession to Nobiliary Titles and Attributes, Article 10.